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Ethical Storytelling 101 Webinar

Our Ethical Storytelling 101 is now available as a recording. Tune in to hear from filmmaker Heidi Burkey, The Freedom Story President Rachel Goble, Chab Dai’s Helen Sworn and Sophie Otiende from HAART Kenya as they lay a foundation for what it means to tell story ethically in our non-profits.


Here are three sample templates of organizational code of conducts. Please feel free to download and customize to your organization’s needs.

Child Protection Policy

Developed and published
by Discover the Journey

Guidance Note on Use of Victim’s Images

By Freedom Collaborative,
Chab Dai, and Liberty Asia

The ES Podcast

Ok, you’re committed to Ethical Storytelling. You’ve attended the webinar and read all the materials we have to offer on the website. Understanding Ethical Storytelling is great but actually applying the tools in the field…that’s a whole other ball game. The Ethical Storytelling Podcast is a unique resource that brings you stories from the field, from nonprofit leaders to filmmakers to photographers, each guest brings their unique viewpoint on Ethical Storytelling and shares their personal successes and downfalls in the pursuit of story.

More Communities


Freedom Collaborative is an online, community-based platform with the goal to bring stakeholders from around the world together to end human trafficking. 


An online resource centre for the United Nations Action for Cooperation Against Trafficking in Persons (UN-ACT)


A research effort devoted to changing the narrative of development work.

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