Lucy McCray

Director of Strategy

Lucy is the Director of Strategy at The Freedom Story, where she combines her passion for data and best practices to help guide the organization’s strategy. Her goal is to continue to learn alongside her national colleagues how to best prevent child trafficking before it begins. She is passionate about best practices, storytelling and building meaningful partnerships. She has been living and working in Thailand for over 6 years. She holds an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and her MA in English Literature and History from the University of Edinburgh.

Her passion for ethical storytelling grew out of her own experiences and studies around the intersection of media portrayals, perceptions, stereotypes and how these impact constituents and supporters alike. Since working in Thailand she’s been involved in writing, photographing, interviewing and partnering with local media to capture the stories of survivors of sexual violence, stateless individuals, and children and families at risk of trafficking. She believes that by listening to the experiences of others we can understand how to support them best.

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