Emily Worrall

Communications Consultant


For over ten years Emily Worrall has had on the ground experience of international NGO work within Uganda. She co-founded and was the Executive Director of the 12,000+ NGOs in Uganda. After six years she realized that perhaps the last thing Africa needed was another American-led NGO.

This realization led to her pouring her creative energies into a plastic doll. Barbie Savior, the Instagram sensation, was born. Her satirical White savior has over 150,000 followers. Ms. Worrall combines a treasure trove of sharp writing, photography, and social media skills from a decade in the NGO sector to comment on the development industry’s many failures in Africa.

Currently Ms. Worrall is the Regional Communications, Advocacy, and Fundraising Director for a grass-roots NGO in Uganda focused on care reform. She has written for the Guardian and her work with Barbie Savior has been featured in the BBC, CNN, NPR, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, Quartz, and various other media outlets.