Cat Muenkaew

Scholarship Recipient, The Freedom Story

Angkana (Cat) Muenkaew is studying English at the University level in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Born and raised in Thailand, Cat was the first recipient of a scholarship from The Freedom Story in 2007. Cat’s story inspired an entire organization based on the simple belief that education could change her – and many others’ – future. Her original documentary was released in 2007 and screened in over 27 cities in America. Yet when given the option to put her film online, she chose not to, recognizing that she wanted to be remembered for who she has become, not who she was then.

Cat has dreams of becoming an English teacher in the future – and beyond that – wants to continue studying leadership. She loves learning new things and being exposed to new cultures. She feels incredibly grateful that she met The Freedom Story and is thankful to be a part of shaping the future of how people tell stories like hers. She also has a fish named ‘Yellow’ that lives in Oakland, CA. She hopes to visit him more regularly.