We’re a community of nonprofit practitioners & storytellers learning how to integrate a new standard of storytelling.

For many organizations, story is currency.

This is especially true in the nonprofit and social impact world. We tell stories to amplify awareness. We tell stories to raise money – to do the good we want to do. And when we’ve done that good, we tell stories about it so donors, volunteers, and supporters can participate in the good their gifts make possible. We tell stories to invite others in.

Stories matter.

So why is it that we continue to tell the stories of those we serve as if they’re one dimensional? Why is it that we continue to consume one dimensional stories?

As a diverse group of nonprofit employees and activists, survivors and social workers, researchers and storytellers, we know we can tell better stories. And we know we can learn to expect more from our storytellers. We’re an open sourced, nuanced, constituent first, donor second collective seeking to change the way we tell and consume stories.

At Ethical Storytelling we are working – hard – to engage the complex and messy conversation around how we tell story in the social impact space, seeking to bring it back to constituent first, donor second. We aspire to tell stories that are truthful, nuanced, educational, and empowering. Not for donors or for branding, but because stories are part of what makes us human. This pledge is an aim to focus on the HOW not only the WHAT of the stories we may encounter – but maybe should not always tell – in the work we do.

Register now for our next webinar, “NGO Ethical Storytelling: How To?” on May 2nd at 10AM EST, 9PM ICT. Join panelists Michael Kass (Ethical Storytelling Trainer) and Katrina Boratko (Mama Hope Communications Manager) to learn practical ways your organization can incorporate ethical storytelling. While all are welcome to register, our intended audience is NGO staff, board members and volunteers.